The Mother's Cloister is born from a long series of events, each one leading to the next, each one Jesus leading me to Himself. How does one explain the unfolding of daily events, each one seemingly meaningless, ordinary, mundane? One little thing here, one tiny thing there. And then, one day, it all crystalizes under the guise of just another ordinary day. 

Looking back on my life, it has been the worst and most painful times of my life that have become the most beautiful. Jesus has brought a greater good out of each season of suffering, and transformed them into the most treasured times of my life. For years I struggled, not knowing who I was or what I wanted to do. I ached for something, but didn't know what. In my most recent period of trial and tribulation, I had nothing else to do but completely abandon myself into the hands of Jesus. Over the course of about a year and a half, I spent my time in front of the Blessed Sacrament and at home as homemaker and mother, nothing more, and yet it was more than enough.

I began to feel a deep calling. My vocation. Jesus was revealing to me not only who He was, but who I was too. He was giving me my life's purpose. With each passing day my confidence and certainty grew. One day while praying with Jesus in the Tabernacle, I knew that I had a "call within a call" as Saint Teresa of Calcutta experienced. My vocation is motherhood. My call within a call is to live a cloister-inspired life. It felt silly at first. But I was reminded of Catholic Speaker, Meg Hunter-Kilmer, the self proclaimed "Hobo for Christ." Unique and beautiful to her and her alone. If she can be a hobo, I can most certainly be a cloistered mother. 

I am a very private person. A true introvert. And I am indeed, happiest at home. So when I was lead to share this journey publicly, I resisted. However, the gentle nudgings of the Holy Spirit did not stop. And awkward as it felt, I simply knew I had to say yes. Perhaps there were others whose hearts were also called to motherhood (physical or spiritual) and knew that somehow, a quiet, contemplative, devoted life at home was where they too were called. It is not a running away from the world. But because of a deep and profound love for the world that one becomes a Cloistered Nun. The same is true for a cloistered mother. Both mothers and nuns love the world as only a mother can.

The Mother's Cloister is about motherhood, spiritual motherhood, vocation, the power of prayer. It is about intercessory prayer, redemptive suffering, reparation, uniting oneself to the Cross of Christ. It is about His thirst for others to know His love for them. It is about helping Jesus in His great act of salvation to save souls. My life is simply about getting to Heaven, and helping others to get there too. And it is here, within the mother's cloister that God has seen it best for me to serve Him. There is nowhere I'd rather be than cloistered away, loving God and praising Him, for making me a mother, in the truest sense of the word. 

May God bless you and all you hold dear.

Image:    Child Praying at Mother's Knee by  Pierre Édouard Frère

Image: Child Praying at Mother's Knee by Pierre Édouard Frère