A Sense of Humor

Image:    Picking Wildflowers by Daniel Ridgway Knight

Image: Picking Wildflowers by Daniel Ridgway Knight


"The term "sense of humor" has lost much of its fundamental significance in these tortured times of ours, even to the extent that it is often vaguely thought to be something associated with telling jokes and laughing at them. In point of fact, it is a thing rooted in the Divine, for a real sense of humor is what balances the mysteries of joy and sorrow. Without it, we can never hold a true perspective on ourselves or on others. The saints were the true humorists. The better poets were humorists. The ability to see through things and to know what is important and what is not, what is to be endured and why we endure it, what is to be tolerated out of compassion and what is to be extirpated out of duty, is dependent upon one's sense of humor. Without the one, we cannot possess the other. A group of dour females with their jaws set grimly for "perfection" and their nerves forever in a jangle would turn a cloister into a psychopathic ward. The joyous, high-spirited girl with a feeling for the splendid sense of things and the delicious non-sense of things is the one most likely to persevere in the enclosure.”