selections from my personal library

I pray that these books may bless you as they have blessed me.

Image:    Rosa and Bertha Gugger by Albert Samuel Anker

Image: Rosa and Bertha Gugger by Albert Samuel Anker



And You Are Christ's by Father Thomas Dubay

By far my absolute favorite Catholic book. It was recommended by Catholic speaker Meg Hunter-Kilmer who said: "it could be the most important book a young woman ever reads." I would whole heartedly agree, adding that it is not just for young women, and not just for women discerning a religious vocation. The exquisite book is for every woman. It was utterly life changing in the way that I saw how Jesus loves me and how utterly beautiful authentic womanhood and motherhood truly is.


Happy Are You Poor by Father Thomas Dubay

After reading Father Thomas Dubay's book "And You are Christ's" I immediately read every single one of his other books. This book too, is one of my absolute favorites. It completely changed the way that I saw myself and the world. It is one of the books that really was a turning point in understanding God's call for my life. It is beautiful and radical, and one cannot but be changed for having read it. 


Union with God by Blessed Columba Marmion

I first read this book after it was loaned to me by a Religious Sister from my parish. This book came to me during a very difficult season, and I could hear God speaking to me through the wise counsel of Blessed Columba Marmion's words. At the time, God was teaching me about total surrender to His will, and calling me to be wholly and completely His. This book served as a beautiful and profound guide. 


Uniformity with God's Will & The Practice of the Love of Jesus Christ by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Another book recommended to by Catholic speaker Meg Hunter-Kilmer, this book is truly a treasure leading you into a fuller surrender to God's will and a deeper relationship with Jesus. This book took me deeper into what it means to live an enriching Catholic life. I read this during a season of immense difficulty, and it sincerely helped me find peace through it all. 


33 Days to Morning Glory by Father Michael Gaitley

This book simple as it is, profoundly deepened my understanding of God's love for me, for us. I can honestly say that after consecrating my life to our Blessed Mother, my life has never been the same. She is constantly leading us to her Son, and she is absolutely the most beautiful example of motherhood, femininity, and beauty. This book is like taking her hand and journeying closer to the heart of Christ.


Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Father Michael Gaitley

This book truly revolutionized the way that I see prayer and the redemptive work of Christ. It made me fall ever deeper in love with Our Precious Lord. Reading this book was pivotal in my understanding of my own personal vocation and humble, little purpose within the immense beauty and power of our incredible Catholic faith.


The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur by Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur

Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur is a wonderful witness to the power of prayer, literally converting her atheist husband who later became a priest after her death. Throughout her diaries she writes with depth and eloquence about her faith, suffering, and her profound love of God and her loved ones. This book is a fine example of how a life of quiet, obedient, humble prayer can truly make a difference. 


 I Believe in Love by Father Jean C.J. d'Elbée

This is a truly a beautiful book. It broke my heart wide open. Wide open for Christ, for suffering, for this life, for humanity, for Heaven. Wider still for God's love and mercy. It is definitely my favorite book on Saint Thérèse. She was an exceptional woman whose Little Way and spiritual motherhood are so eloquently woven into this inspiring little book. 


Immodesty, Satan's Virtue by Rita Davidson

For several years I felt drawn to a life of modesty. After reading Dressing with Dignity by Colleen Hammond, I found this book. I was already sold hook, line, and sinker, but this book powerfully explained how such a lifestyle can be lived in reparation for souls. It deepened my understanding of the power of prayer and sacrifice. This humble yet inspiring book was a battle call, empowering ordinary, everyday women to a life of Mary like modesty and love for souls. 


Letters to a Young Catholic by George Weigel

This lovely little book helped me to fall more deeply in love with our profound Catholic faith and beautiful Church. The author masterfully weaves history, culture, art, architecture, theology, and the ordinary to show us why Catholicism matters. It is certainly one of the most thought provoking and extraordinary looks into the richness and meaning of the Catholic Church, a true gift from God.